Must see European Museums

    Must visit museum in Belgium:
    The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium
    The Royal Museum contains over 20,000 drawings, sculptures, and paintings, which date from the early 15th century to the present. The museum has an extensive collection of Flemish painting, among them paintings by Bruegel and Rogier van der Weyden, Robert Campin (the Master of Flémalle), Anthony van Dyck, and Jacob Jordaens. The Museum also houses the famous painting The Death of Marat by Jacques-Louis David

    Must visit museum in Denmark:
    The National Museum of Denmark
    The National Museum is the museum for all Denmark, where you can follow the history of the Danes up until the present day. At the National museum you can take a journey around the world from Greenland to South America. In addition, the museum sponsors SILA - The Greenland Research Centre at the National Museum of Denmark to further archaeological and anthropological research in Greenland.

    Must visit museum in England:
    The British Museum
    The British Museum has grown to become one of the largest museums in the world, displaying approximately 50,000 items from its collection. Currently there are nearly one hundred galleries open to the public. The British Museum houses the world's largest and most comprehensive collection of Egyptian antiquities outside the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. A collection of immense importance for its range and quality, it includes objects of all periods from virtually every site of importance in Egypt and the Sudan. The Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities of the British Museum has one of the world's largest and most comprehensive collections of antiquities from the Classical world, with over 100,000 objects.

    Must visit museum in France:
    The Louvre
    The Musee du Louvre is one of the world's largest museums, the most visited art museum in the world and a historic monument. The museums collection is divided among eight curatorial departments: Egyptian Antiquities; Near Eastern Antiquities; Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Antiquities; Islamic Art; Sculpture; Decorative Arts; Paintings; Prints and Drawings. The Louvre exhibits sculptures, objets d'art, paintings, drawings, and archaeological finds. Today the Musee du Louvre contains more than 380,000 objects and displays 35,000 works of art over it's eight departments.

    Must visit museum in Germany:
    Pergamon Museum
    The Pergamon houses original-sized, reconstructed monumental buildings such as the Pergamon Altar, the Market Gate of Miletus, all consisting of parts transported from Turkey. The museum is subdivided into the antiquity collection, the Middle East museum, and the museum of Islamic art.

    Must visit museum in Greece:
    National Archaeological Museum
    The National Archaeological Museum houses some of the most important artifacts from a variety of archaeological locations around Greece from prehistory to late antiquity. It is considered one of the great museums in the world and contains the richest collection of artifacts from Greek antiquity worldwide.

    Must visit museum in Hungary:
    Museum of Fine Arts
    The museum's collection is made up of international art, including all periods of European art, and comprises more than 100,000 pieces. The collection is made up of various older additions such as those from Buda Castle, the Esterházy and Zichy estates, as well as donations from individual collectors. The Museum's collection is made up of six departments: Egyptian, Antique, Old sculpture gallery, Old painter gallery, Modern collection, Graphics collection.

    Must visit museum in Ireland:
    The National Museum of Ireland
    The National Museum of Ireland is Ireland’s premier cultural institution and home to the greatest collections of Irish material heritage, culture and natural history in the world. Whether online or in person, we hope your experience is engaging and inspiring.

    Must visit museum in Italy:
    Vatican Museums
    The Vatican Museums, in Viale Vaticano in Rome, inside the Vatican City, are among the greatest museums in the world, since they display works from the immense collection built up by the Roman Catholic Church throughout the centuries. The Vatican Museums contain masterpieces of painting, sculpture and other works of art collected by the popes through the centuries. The Museums include several monumental works of art, such as the Sistine Chapel, the Chapel of Beato Angelico, the Raphael Rooms and Loggia and the Borgia Apartment.

    Must visit museum in Latvia:
    Latvian National Museum of Art
    The Latvian National Museum of Art is the richest collection of national art in Latvia. It houses more than 52,000 works of art reflecting the development of professional art in the Baltic area and in Latvia from the middle of the 18th century up until the present time. It also features Russian art from the 16th to the first half of the 20th century.

    Must visit museum in Luxembourg:
    National Museum of History and Art
    National Museum of History and Art houses a variety of collections from classical to modern art, archaeological artifacts, weapons, coins and more. It also has exibits that present Luxembourg's folklore and living culture from the 16th to the early 20th century.

    Must visit museum in Monaco:
    Prince's Palace of Monaco
    The Prince's Palace of Monaco is the official residence of the Prince of Monaco. Built in 1191 as a Genoese fortress, during its long and often dramatic history it has been bombarded and besieged by many foreign powers.The Prince's Palace of Monaco is the official residence of the Prince of Monaco. Built in 1191 as a Genoese fortress, during its long and often dramatic history it has been bombarded and besieged by many foreign powers.

    Must visit museum in the Netherlands:
    Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
    The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam is dedicated to arts, crafts, and history. It has a large collection of paintings from the Dutch Golden Age and a substantial collection of Asian art. The paintings collection includes works by artists Jacob van Ruysdael, Frans Hals, Johannes Vermeer, Jan Steen and Rembrandt and Rembrandt's pupils. The Rijksmuseum Research Library is also part of the Rijksmuseum, and is the largest public art history research library in The Netherlands.

    Must visit museum in Northern Ireland:
    Ulster Museum
    The Ulster Museum is located in the Botanic Gardens in Belfast. Its collections features material from fine art and applied art, archaeology, ethnography, treasures from the Spanish Armada, local history, numismatics, industrial archaeology, botany, zoology and geology. It is the largest museum in Northern Ireland, it is also part of the National Museums Northern Ireland.

    Must visit museum in Norway:
    Norwegian Museum of Cultural History
    Norwegian Museum of Cultural History at Bygdøy in Oslo, is a large open air museum. Norsk Folkemuseum is one of Norway’s largest museum of cultural history. Among its more significant buildings are Gol stave church from the 13th century which incorporated was into the Norwegian Folk Museum in 1907.

    Must visit museum in Portugal:
    National Museum of Ancient Art
    The Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, is the most important art museum in Portugal as well as being among the most important in Europe. It is located in the Palácio de Alvor-Pombal. It is the best museum in which to understand the development of Portuguese art prior to the early nineteenth century. The museum collection includes painting, sculpture, metalwork, textiles, furniture, drawings, and other decorative art forms from the Middle Ages to the early nineteenth century.

    Must visit museum in Scotland:
    Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
    The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum houses one of Europe's great civic art collections. It has one of the finest collections of arms and armour in the world and a vast natural history collection. The art collection includes many outstanding European artworks, including works by the Old Masters, French Impressionists, Dutch Renaissance, Scottish Colourists and proponents of the Glasgow School.

    Must visit museum in Spain:
    Prado Museum
    The Museo del Prado is a museum and art gallery featuring one of the world's finest collections of European art, from the 12th century to the early 19th century. The collection currently comprises around 7,600 paintings, 1,000 sculptures, 4,800 prints and 8,200 drawings, in addition to a large number of works of art and historic documents.

    Must visit museum in Sweden:
    Skansen Open-Air Museum
    Skansen located on the island Djurgården in Stockholm is home to the worlds oldest open-air museum. It attracts more than 1.3 million visitors each year. It has a unique collection of 150 historical buildings (from 1680-) offering a unique living history of Sweden and its different parts before the industrial era.

    Must visit museum in Switzerland:
    The Ariana Museum
    The Musée Ariana, also known as the Musée suisse de la céramique et du verre, is a museum in Geneva, Switzerland. It is devoted to ceramic and glass artwork, and contains around 20,000 objects from the last 1,200 years, representing the historic, geographic, artistic and technological breadth of glass and ceramic manufacture during this time

    Must visit museum in Turkey:
    Istanbul Archaeology Museums
    The Istanbul Archaeology Museums houses over one million objects that represent almost all of the eras and civilizations in world history. The ornate Alexander Sarcophagus, once believed to be prepared for Alexander the Great, is among the most famous pieces of ancient art in the museum. The museum has a large collection of Turkish, Hellenistic and Roman artifacts.

    Must visit museum in Wales:
    National Museum Cardiff
    National Museum Cardiff has collections of archaeology, botany, fine and applied art, geology and zoology. The collection of Old Master paintings in Cardiff includes, among other notable works, The Virgin and Child between Saint Helena and St Francis by Amico Aspertini, The Poulterer's Shop by Frans Snyders and A Calm by Jan van de Cappelle. A collection of landscape paintings in the classical tradition includes works by Claude, Gaspard Dughet and Salvator Rosa. There is a gallery devoted to British patronage of the eighteenth century, in particular that of Sir Watkin Williams Wynn.

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